Conflict Management

Cork Gully has worked with investment managers as a conflicts director and/or independent person to help resolve conflicts of interest. Our experience ranges from internal disputes to complex, multi-disciplinary conflicts. 

We work with clients to understand their goals and provide a tailored approach to help them achieve this. Our services often include: 

  • Review and independent assessment of conflict matters;
  • Negotiations (including settlement negotiations) with key parties diffusing tensions and mitigating conflicts;
  • Options analysis and commination with key stakeholders to determine appropriate next steps; and
  • Planning, implementation and oversight of mutually agreed-upon conflict management plans.

We utilise our extensive advisory, restructuring and insolvency experience, often leveraging our network global experts, to resolve conflicts without costly litigation or formal insolvency processes. We are commonly engaged by clients to assist with difficult stakeholder negotiations, often acting in landlord and creditor/debtor conflicts. 

Cork Gully consistently delivers successful outcomes for clients. Should the need arise, we are insolvency experts with global experience and are well positioned to assist with formal insolvency and restructuring solutions. 

We recognise that when conflict arise, clients often require immediate professional assistance. Cork Gully is conflict-free and able to rapidly deploy a senior team qualified professional to provide their expertise in complex conflicts. 

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