Litigation & Claims Management

Cork Gully has been an active participant in the resolution of extensive stakeholder litigation and disputes, both in the UK and globally. We leverage our situational experience to assist clients where litigation and claims may arise. Our staff have a broad range of experience and, amongst our team, we are able to utilise qualified legal, forensic and accounting professionals as well as insolvency professionals. We are proactive and able to deploy experts in short order, depending on the circumstances.  We are able to provide independent and expert litigation and claims management support to clients in commercial disputes, arbitration, investigations processes, litigation scenarios and court proceedings. Our services are tailored towards client needs and often include the following:

  • Advice in relation to existing litigation issues and/or strategies or assistance with planning and implementation of the same
  • Consideration of alternatives to litigation, including settlements
  • Assessment as to value of claims, including damages
  • Financial and forensic services including using technology solutions in investigation scenarios
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of claims positions, including liaising and reporting with key stakeholders
  • Acting as an expert witness in court cases

We appreciate that litigation can be sensitive and stressful . Our experts are often retained immediately after a key event to provide advice and guidance to clients in the recovery process and to assist in preparing claims. Our subject matter experts are able to clearly communicate complex material and agreement next steps in a timely manner.  

We understand that litigation requires industry knowledge and experience. Our staff have extensive experience across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions.  Our experts have the knowledge and resources to analyse complex issues in a cost-effective manner and we are able to serve as expert witnesses on financial, regulatory, and operational issues. 

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