Cork Gully’s partners have held senior management positions across a variety of sectors and jurisdictions, acting as executive directors, non-executive directors and independent directors. Such a wealth of experience ensures a thorough understanding of a business and its needs, allowing for the smooth implementation of both financial and operational change. Cork Gully partners have taken executive roles including CRO, CEO, CFO, COO as well as acting as a Board Advisor. We are also prepared to act as both executive and non-executive directors. When acting as non-executive directors we can provide support to the other members of the board.

Cork Gully’s partners can act as independent directors in complex and often challenging circumstances. As an independent director we offer impartiality and experience helping to manage disputes and dialogue with stakeholders.   

We can, if necessary, replace the incumbent directors, taking control of the board in order to restore confidence and/or facilitate a sale of the business as an alternative to a formal insolvency process. We don’t ordinarily require an indemnity to do so. We are also prepared to act as directors, replacing the board following our appointment as receivers over the shares of a company. In such circumstances we would be acting in an executive capacity taking day-to-day control of the company in order to achieve an optimal outcome for the lenders. We are accomplished in managing risk and making robust decisions in challenging circumstances. 

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