Fund Liquidations

Cork Gully undertakes formal liquidation appointments across a number of jurisdictions to assist funds to wind up in an orderly manner, returning surplus assets to investors.

Cork Gully is a conflict free firm and will be quick to respond to client needs. Our approach is innovative and tailored and often comprises three core elements: 


We work with clients to prepare a clear liquidation plan and timeline, setting out key objectives and milestones to ensure that the approach we adopt is clear and understood by all key stakeholders. 

We have a proven methodology to help develop an optimal pre and post liquidation process aligned to client needs. 

Ongoing support

We work with clients to provide a tailored support package to ensure that all pre-liquidation issues are resolved in a timely manner. 

This can include working alongside incumbent service providers and management, where appropriate, allowing them to leverage our situational experience to address issues. 

Formal liquidation

Cork Gully would then be appointed by the directors and the shareholders to deal with the formal liquidation of the fund. We have experience of undertaking solvent fund liquidations across a number of jurisdictions. 

The primary duties of the liquidator will be to implement realisation strategies for all remaining portfolio assets and resolve all other barriers to the formal dissolution of the fund. 

Upon resolution of the above and settlement of all known liabilities, the liquidator will pay a final distribution to the shareholders of the residual assets in the liquidation estate. 

Cork Gully liaises with key stakeholders throughout the liquidation process to ensure a smooth transition through to dissolution. 

 Our team has decades of experience in undertaking formal fund liquidations and managing expectations of key stakeholders throughout the project. 

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