Liquidity Risk Advisory

Cork Gully provides Liquidity Risk Advisory services to a range of clients to mitigate the risk that they will have insufficient cash to meet their ongoing obligations. Effective liquidity management allows businesses to maximise their potential whilst ensuring they continue to meet their financial and regulatory requirements in uncertain and challenging economic climate. 

Our team has a broad range of backgrounds and includes qualified experts familiar with the financial, operational and regulatory considerations of effective liquidity management. We regularly assist clients with a range of services including the following: 

  • Independent review and assessment of internal controls and mechanisms for liquidity management;
  • Supporting clients with the development and implementation of new liquidity management processes;
  • Assisting with cash flow forecasting and review of existing forecasts to ensure effective liquidity risk management;
  • Stress testing of key liquidity variables including market-based factors and organisation specific considerations to assess the adequacy of current liquidity provisions and reserves and
  • Where required, provision independent advice and restructuring options to resolve liquidity challenges.

We have worked with clients across a broad range of sectors, industries and locations and are able to utilise our broad experience to bring unique insights into liquidity risks. 

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