Managed Exits

From time to time national and international groups may need to reorganise entities within a group structure or portfolio. Part or all of a business may have come to the end of its life and has become superfluous to requirements or it is simply underperforming. This can be a limited company, a special purpose vehicle, a trading division that no longer exists or a large group wishing to shut down a subsidiary in the UK or overseas. Early decision-making and engaging experts such as Cork Gully can help to remove any blockers and maximise returns for shareholders.

Depending on the assignment, and whether or not the business is trading, we can provide an interim wind-down team or move to a solvent winding up process, known as a Member’s Voluntary Liquidation (MVL).

At Cork Gully our advisors can help you through every stage of the process; agreeing which entities or parts of the business are to be wound down; provide advice on the terms and procedure for exiting a market or business; assist in negotiating and finalising contracts with suppliers, employees and other stakeholders; as well as acting as Liquidators to affect a return of capital to shareholders.

A well planned and executed management plan offers a number of core benefits: 

  • A thorough due diligence process prior to the exit will identify any potential risk areas and steps for mitigation;
  • Selling parts of a business or assets on a piecemeal basis may result in greater returns;
  • It provides a timeline and structure to help facilitate compromises with key creditors and potentially reduce expense;
  • A controlled exit will consider consultation with key stakeholders and press relations, mitigating the risk of wider brand damage from an exit; and

Cork Gully has worked with a range of clients for a number of years, both in the UK and internationally, to help them extract maximum value from underperforming or non-core businesses. Early decision-making and engaging experts such as Cork Gully can help to remove any blockers to wind down and maximise returns for shareholders. 

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