Successor Asset Management

Cork Gully are able to provide successor asset management services, including in relation to regulated funds. We utilise our considerable experience to bring bespoke solutions to clients and deliver maximum value for all key stakeholders. Issues can often arise in a number of circumstances meaning that successor asset management may be appropriate:

  • Limited operating capacity of the incumbent manager;
  • Limited economic incentive for the incumbent manager;
  • Unforeseen events impacting the monetisation of assets or crisis events affecting the fund or incumbent manager; and/or
  • Lack of specialised knowledge to deal with the realisation of illiquid assets or assets in a distressed environment.

Cork Gully are expert in realising a wide range of assets, particularly in tail-end funds or those facing uncertain situations.  

Cork Gully do not undertake fire sales unless this has been pre-agreed as part of the overall strategy. We have experience across multiple sectors and industries and work with key stakeholders to execute tailored strategies to maximise returns for investors which we achieve by: 

  • Leveraging our extensive experience of realising assets in distressed scenarios and managing end of life interests;
  • Ensuring engagement of all key stakeholders to focus on maximising returns in the most expedient manner;
  • Monitoring operating models and, where necessary, implementing cost reduction strategies as the value of assets under management decrease; and/or
  • Working alongside key stakeholders to develop asset specific realisation plans.

Our advisory and restructuring experience, both in the UK and globally, means Cork Gully is well positioned to assist in such circumstances.  Furthermore, as a conflict-free firm, we are able to respond to client needs without delay. 

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